Gail Mitchell ~ 1953-2024

This is the home of tubridy.net and my blog. I have owned this domain since 1998.I use it to record my experiences with my dog, Jake:

An Excellent Adventure…

We started traveling in our RV, the Starship Excellent Adventure, in 2021.

So far, we have traveled over 26,000 miles and spent about 1/2 year on the road. We have visited national parks and other scenic locations on the West Coast, Rockies, The Southwest, and Appalachians. Our next trip will take us into the Midwest.

Most Excellent!

Life, The Universe and Everything

I developed an interest in photography in college.

So far, I’ve made it to about 40 countries and 48 states.

This interest also extended to another pastime for exploring the underwater realm.

I have had a lifelong passion for music and woodworking that I enjoy in retirement. I live with my pup Jake on Florida’s Space Coast. I also continued my father’s work on the Family genealogy.

Just This Guy

I started my first website as a hobby using the infamous Microsoft FrontPage in the late 1990s. I studied web design at Emory in the late 2000s and became proficient in programming and graphic skills. I eventually did it full-time when I contracted for IBM in the 2010s. I retired at the end of 2019 as a User Experience (UX) Designer who spent over 40 years working in high tech.

This is a hobby for me now. I view it as my legacy since I leave no one behind at the end of the day. You can find other stuff I am interested in or places I have traveled on this site. I will continue to add more until I can’t do it anymore.

Cheers, Jake and Eddie

Jake & Eddie 2023