This is the home page of Eddie Tubridy and his dog Jake. I have owned this domain since the late 1990s. I use it to share our journey through life with no one in particular. And what an excellent adventure it has been!

Toroweap overlook at the north rim of the Grand Canyon

Excellent Adventure

We started traveling in our RV the Excellent Adventure in 2021. Our first trip was in Spring when we traveled 9200 miles over 49 days along the western slope of the Rockies.

The blog of the trip starts here.

Excellent Adventure 2021

Excellent Adventure 2022!

Despite some health setbacks this year – 2022 is back on! I am planning to leave after labor day and head north to Maine skirting the Northeast megapolis as much as possible. I’ll stay in Maine for a week visiting the coast and nearby areas. The return trip is planned through New York to Pennsylvania where I will see the historic Tubridy and Kovac hometowns of Snow Shoe and Connelsville. Down through the Appalachians to visit friends in Tennessee and them home.

I started my first website as a hobby using the dreaded Microsoft FrontPage in the late 1990s. I eventually did it as a full-time job when I worked for IBM in the 2010s. I retired at the end of 2019 as a web designer so this is a hobby for me now. I view it as my legacy since I leave no one behind at the end of the day. You can find other stuff that I am interested in or places I have traveled on this site. I will continue to add more until I can’t do it anymore.

Cheers, Jake and Eddie

Jake & Eddie 2017
Jake & Eddie 2017