This is the home page of Eddie Tubridy and his dog Jake. I have owned this domain since the late 1990s. I use it to share our journey through life with no one in particular. And what an excellent adventure it has been!

Toroweap overlook at north rim of the Grand Canyon

This chapter starts something completely new and an idea I have had now for a while. We have embarked (woof!) on our first (of many to come) road trips with our Micro Minnie the Excellent Adventure.

I will document the adventures here.

July 6 Update

Back home! 9200 miles! 7 weeks/49 days! Most Excellent!


I retired at the end of 2019 as web designer so this is sort of a hobby for me now for the past 25 years. Eventually I will fill this site out with my older sites and content. I view it as my legacy since I leave no one behind at the end of the day.

But that’s another story for later down the road!

Cheers, Jake and Eddie

Jake & Eddie 2017
Jake & Eddie 2017