Woodworking πŸͺš

My Dad was a real DIY kind of guy. My brother Rick likened him to a ‘Breakdown Mechanic.’ At a young age, he had me help him work on the car, boat, and stuff around the house. He had a Sears contractor table saw and a few other woodworking tools. In high school, I would build things for the band.

This has become one of my lifelong passions, like my music. I bought myself that same Sears table saw and started collecting power, mechanic, and woodworking tools. Over the years, I have built shops in all of my homes.

Early Days

When I moved to Washington, I had a skill saw and some mechanics tools. The first tool I bought was a Sears Router.

My first power tool purchase.

I quickly discovered you couldn’t do much with a router until you bought other essentials like a table saw! I did that when I moved to Issaquah in the early 1980s. Most of my early work was building picture frames. I did my first joinery on an oval mirror for the bathroom. I bought a set of Marples Blue Chip chisels and learned how to make joints by hand.

Marples Blu Chip Chisels

I started designing and building furniture when I moved back from Germany. I had a shop as big as my house! It was the whole basement of a single-story home with the same footprint. I bought my first inexpensive tools, including a Sears band saw, drill press, and Grizzly jointer. I started buying a lot of hand tools and power tools.

Early designs from Colorado

My first project involved tearing out part of my living room wall and putting in a custom cabinet for my stereo equipment and drawers for my CDs. An access hatch is in the walking closet at the rear of my master bedroom, providing access to wiring. Several years later, I built the massive cabinet to put my stereo in when I moved to my home in the canyon in 1995. It is extremely heavy and has held up great after innumerable moves.


In Atlanta, I developed my skills further and added essentials like a planer, upgraded my band saw and jointer, and upgraded my table saw to a cabinet saw. I built a router table, as shown in the shot below.

Later, I added a dust collector, upgraded my drill press, and added smaller stationary tools like a mortiser, sander, and chop saw. I was on fire and did some very cool projects.

The last couple of years i was able to locate my shop in a large space in a storage facility. I had them drop a 220 volt line in and I was in business. The nicest hop in terms of the space.

Atlanta Projects


In Florida, I really kicked things into high gear! At first, I was set up in the garage at Satellite Beach and Valhalla. Things were tight at first!

When I finally moved into my shed in 2020, I had breathing room again! I’ve upgraded my planer, added a drum sander, and added a lot of smaller hand and power tools.

More recently, I started veneering and doing inlay work.

Wedding present for nephew Adam and his lovely bride Zeynab
Inlay cut by hand for Adam & Zeynab’s ring boxes

My most recent buy was the incredible Shaper Origin hand-held precision router!

Excellent combination of freehand control with CNC accuracy
Can be used on projects of any size due to the unique computer vision approach to positioning using the domino tape shown

Florida Projects