Baby Shower Weekend in Wisconsin

My nephew Carl married Kariline Binge in 2020. They met in Washington where she was finishing her residency in Orthopedics and Carl was working for an airplane equipment manufacturing company. They relocated to La Crosse Wisconsin near her family farm where she works at a Mayo Clinic and Carl works at a refrigeration equipment manufacturer nearby. They are expecting their first child – and the first Tubridy Grand baby – the end of the year.

Tubridy-Bringe Clans - Kari's Baby Shower
Kari & Carl’s Living Room. Back row Adam, Lisa, Kari, Baby Uno, Carl & Mary Joe. Front row Myhra, Rick, me, Dave and Armand.

Dave, Lisa and I arrived on Thursday and stopped at a local bar near the airport for lunch. The waitress asked Dave what kind of beer he wanted and he replied a cold one. She replied that she would bring him a shitty light beer. Boy were we surprised!

We hung out with Carl on Friday while Kari was working and toured the local sights.

On the way to the farm we stopped at Goose Lake to watch many different types of waterfowl on their way south.

The Baby Shower was on Saturday at the Bringe Farm near Viroqua Wisconsin. While the women celebrated with Kari the guys drove the tractors!

Video of use driving the Combine Harvester
Armand, Carl & Dave
Kari’s Father Armand with Carl & Dave at the Bringe Farm

We had a great time visiting and handing out candy at Kari and Carl’s house on Sunday with Armand and Mary Joe. It was a wonderful time and I look forward to visiting again on the 2022 Excellent Adventure coming soon!

Tippy dressed in her Halloween costume

The trip home

We headed home after a great visit in Fort Collins.

Cross Country

First stop was WaKenney Kansas. Essentially an exit off of I-70 surrounded by vast fields of something or another! We saw a killer sunrise in the morning before heading south to Oklahoma.

Kansas Sunrise
Kansas Sunrise

We stopped in Oklahoma at a park near Tulsa. That night we got a good rain storm so we didn’t get to see much of the area although what we did see looked nice. The area was a lake off of the Arkansas river and obviously popular with boaters.

On day three we headed east through Arkansas to finally end up at a KOA just north of Memphis. It started to rain hard again so we hundred down for the night. We discovered one of the two main interstate bridges across the Mississippi River was closed for repairs and the advice to get on the road early!

We headed out at 5AM to drive about 2 miles before getting stuck in a 1 1/2 hour traffic jam. Seems a semi flipped and burned right where I-55 and I-40 come together. No wonder given the huge numbers of trucks and their (the truck drivers) mind-numbing idiocy when it comes to driving fast in heavy, rain-soaked traffic!

Memphis Truck Traffic
Memphis Truck Traffic

After that it was a day of crumbling infrastructure and numerous traffic jams trying to get through Memphis, Birmingham and Montgomery. By the time we got through all of that mess it just rained consistently all the way to Panama City. After 14 hours driving my butt was numb and my back was killing me!

Back in Florida

Back in Florida
Back in Florida

However – we arrived safely back at brother Dave’s in Panama City. We spent 3 nights here with Dave & Lisa – took in a Rock the Dock music from his nearly completed back porch, played with the pups and relaxed.

Next stop Cocoa Beach – exactly 7 weeks from our launch date! The Excellent Adventure – Part 1 – is quickly coming to a close!

Fort Collins

I stoped off for several nights in Fort Collins. I lived here in the first part of the 90s when I was working for Hewlett-Packard.

I remember skiing in Steamboat several years ago and mentioning that I was going to visit Fort Collins. Their reply was – “Those people who live in Fort Collins really think they live somewhere special!” – They do!

We spent three nights at the KOA on Taft near the Cache la Powder river. It was definitely the biggest KOA I had stayed at so far with a lot of activities for the kids and a large pond to fish in! While there we took a long walk on the Powder trail that runs along the river. I used to ride this part of the trail back in the 90s on my bike. Boy howdy has it changed a lot!

I also took time to catch up with Dan & Maggie again and visit my good friends the Odberts. I first met the Barry & Diane back in the mid-eighties at Marysville Washington. We all started working at HP at the same time and spent time together in Germany several years later. Both Barry & Diane and Dan & Maggie are four of my dearest friends and we had a great time catching up!

We headed off home with stops in Kansas, Oklahoma and Arkansas before stopping at brother Dave & Lisa’s house again to celebrate the 4th of July! The Excellent Adventure continues!

Devils Tower

Our last destination – like everyone else I first saw the tower in Close Encounters of the Third Kind! Very popular place for family and bikers.

We finally experienced some rainy weather on our last destination. We arrived to find a long line of cars trying to get in the park! The KOA was right at the base of the Tower which made for great views.

Devils Tower National Monument
Devils Tower National Monument⁩

The next day we got up early and drove into the park. This afforded us a chance to see the Tower up close before the rain started later that morning. We spent the rest of the day relaxing and enjoying our last destination before heading home.

⁨Jake and Eddie Devils at Tower National Monument⁩
⁨Jake and Eddie Devils at Tower National Monument⁩

This area is close to Sturges, South Dakota and apparently during the annual gathering of motorcycle enthusiasts a rally its held to make the drive to the tower. The T-Shirt shops were filled with both Devils Tower and Sturges stuff and a lot of bars made sure the Bikers knew they and their booze money was welcome!

Woke up in the AM to a great sunrise for a last chance at a good shot of the Tower. It worked!

Headed for Fort Collins for a short visit (and to get the X6 serviced!) before heading home early next week.