Rockets πŸš€

I remember as a young boy being enthralled with all things space. I found copies of old Buck Rodgers and Flash Gordon comics where they would take off and land in their spaceships. It seemed to make sense you would want to do that 😎.

I shot this video of the most recent Falcon 9 lunch this morning. The first time I can remember seeing an uninterrupted feed of the stage 1 landing.

This video was shot several days later showing a booster landing at the Cape.

Baby Theo & Festivus 2021

Welcome to my grand nephew Theodore Armand Tubridy. He was born on the 22nd to Kariline Bringe & Carl Tubridy. The next generation of the Tubridy family begins ❀️. Theo is the seventh generation Tubridy since our ancestors immigrated to the US from Ireland in the 1800.

Our family got together for the annual Winter Solstice event hijacked by Steinfeld. Following the pagan traditions, we attended Cocoa Beach’s World Famous Surfing Santas on Friday and then decadently imbibed and played a crazy gift exchange game on Saturday in a nod to the fable of the baby Israelite. The highlight was a family Zoom call with the newest Tubridy – baby Theo – born on the 22nd (122221 – how cool is that?). We paid a visit to Mom’s grave, told the same stories over and over, and laughed a lot. I love my Fam ❀️.

Walnut & Cherry Bassinet

Theo in bassinet

When Kari & Carl surprised me with the news they were expecting their first child (Baby Uno) they told me by asking if I would make a bassinet for them! Of course, I replied, and here is the result along with some pictures I took during the build. The build was fun and I expanded my skill set with the rocker legs and double mortise and tenon construction.

I found an excellent design on YouTube from Matthew Cremona. The walnut came from a cabinet Dave & Lisa had that was damaged in the hurricane that destroyed their home. Thanks to Armand and Mary Jo for offering to drive it to Wisconsin!

With Love Uncle Ed & Jake 😎🐢