North Carolina

Despite the heavy rain, we left Memphis and headed for Nashville. An overnight there, and we were on our way to North Carolina.

Smokey Mountains near Waynesville and the Blue Ridge Parkway

The drive from Knoxville to Scaly Mountains through the Smokey Mountains was very scenic. We probably stopped at the trip’s most excellent rest stop, near the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Scaly Mountian

Picken’s Nose

We enjoyed three nights with Dave, Lisa, and the Girls. We got a couple of great hikes in and enjoyed Lisa’s most excellent culinary delights! Jake got to say hi to his cousins Elly and Bonnie. And I finally made it up late enough to see the sunset!

Sunset from Easy Breezy – Dave and Lisa’s magnificent home in the mountains

We had a torrential downpour on the first afternoon! Lightning cracking all around! Poor Elly Mae was not a happy pupper!

The only thing left to do now is make it home. Wow. It’s hard to believe our nearly three months on the road are at an end. What a fantastic time it has been.