Cross Country

The dreaded crossing of Texas!

The trip across Texas was largely uneventful albeit exciting none the less!

The first day was spent driving through the rage’n Cajun country! Miles of trestle bridges over the low country until I got to Shreveport Louisiana for the evening stop. The KOA there was very nice and we headed towards Dallas the next day.

The next day proved to be more exciting as we finally crossed the dreaded LA/TX border. I immediately noticed two things:

  1. Every thing took on a redish hue 😏 (but fortunately I did not bump into Ted Cruz)
  2. There are apparently no speed limits especially if you are a semi-truck!

Yes – welcome to the United States crappiest highways and fastest fucking drivers! The speed limit suggestion (if you can find a sign) is 75 mph and it seems regardless if it is an Interstate or a two lane road through bum-fuck.

Then it started raining. Raining hard. As I got closer to Fort Worth the rain got harder. Did that slow the trucks down? No fucking way! In the space of ten miles I saw three major accidents all involving jack knives semi’s. What fun this is 😖.

Well – needless to say we made it through that evening to Eastland Texas for our only overnight. The park I stayed that night seemed to cater to long term residents especially work crews. Fortunately it was dry – at least when I got there! By morning it all turned to shit and I got to do my first tear down in the rain! I donned my raincoat, rain pants and hiking boots and got ‘er done!

The next day was our final day through Texas. It rained hard through mid-morning – so hard I had to pull over for a while. IOt finally cleared up to reveal a pretty country-side with rolling hills and Mesquite trees. A lot of oil wells and then something unexpected – miles of wind farms!

West Texas Wind Farm 1
Wind farm on I-20 in West Texas

Pretty soon I came across some very large solar farms too. So all three forms of energy generation were there – oil, wind and sun! I also started to understand why the RV Parks were full of workers! Looks like the wild, wild, west is back!

Wind farm on I-20 in West Texas
Old and new – side by side!

By the end of the day we had reached our goal! My ‘original’ home state of New Mexico!

Land of Enchantment
Leaving Texas!
Jake & Eddie enter the Land of Enchantment
Jake & Eddie enter the Land of Enchantment

We ended staying in cheap no-frills RV park that night with a half a dozen other trailers that looked like they had not moved in a while.

Tomorrow our second stop in my ‘original’ home town of Alamogordo!

Author: Ed Tubridy

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