Meanwhile back at the beach shack…

Update Thursday afternoon

My power was on this morning but I may have lost internet (or both).

Before the cameras went offline I could see a lot of debris and my patio was flooded, but that’s not unusual. They experienced 50 mph winds overnight and the city issued a lot of updates on outages and closures, including the main causeway (link to the mainland) being closed due to flooding for a while.

I would not be surprised if the crappy fence on the southern side came down in places. I put up some heavy rope between 6×6 posts to help contain this. If so, it will be interesting to see how it worked. I doubt I got any flooding in the garage from what I saw on the front cameras.

Update Friday morning.

My friend stopped by and confirmed that the only damage was some debris and downed trees. He told me that the tennis court at ramp road on the lagoon several blocks away from my house was under several feet of water.

Track of Ian across Florida

Epilog Saturday morning

We leave Pennsylvania today headed for West Virginia – and right into the path of the remnants of Ian. Poetic justice I suppose πŸ˜†.

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